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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starting the school year on the right foot with Mayfair Lane

At this point in my life I find the simple things make me happy. Pretty and simple are even better. Mayfair Lane is home to things that are both simple and pretty, and things that make me so happ(eez)!

Happeez Notepads, Clippers, Photo Frames, Whiteboards, and List Pads contain a Happeez material that grips to stainless steel and other slick surfaces such as glass, mirror, aluminum, plastic and vinyl. Unlike a magnet, Happeez products protect surfaces from scratching and marring, and will not leave a residue.

My poor fridge has been waiting for Happeez it's whole life.

Mayfair Lane carries a wonderful assortment of products that are perfect for home, school or office. With a great variety of colour and patterns I am sure that every one could find one (or two or more) that suits you and your lifestyle.

When Mayfair Lane contacted me and offered to send some samples for review, they asked me what patterns and products I liked. I have looked at Happeez products for quite a while now and I knew that I would never be able to narrow it down to a certain pattern or design, because I loved so many. So my answer was send what ever....I am sure I will love it!

Happeez Clipper Trio

Are you tired of your bills, kids art and pictures sliding down the side of your fridge because your magnets just don't have the power to be able to keep them up?

Happeez Clippers are the answer. They do not move once in place. And, they are strong. I have mine holding a pile of bills, appointments and pictures.

I received sage and aqua medley. A perfect fit for our kitchen.

Happeez Whiteboard

Up until now I had been writing our appointments on our calendar, which was fine, except it was in an awkward place and I could never read what I had written. Now, with the whiteboard on the fridge I can easily see our week in advance and add information as needed. It comes with a handy dry erase marker that sticks to the board.

Quickly and easily I am going to be able to add and erase events.

Happeez List Pad

Grocery lists you will elude me no more. Trying to keep track of what I need at the store has always been an issue for me. My intentions are good, but writing things on a stray piece of paper or old envelope just doesn't work.

Now with my list pad I know exactly where it is and can quickly add items as they run out and then as we go out the door just tear the top sheet away.

The list pad is going to be perfect for sending a quick note to the teacher if needed, and it is cute!

Happeez Photo Frame

For years, I have taped pictures to the side of my fridge. When the pictures inevitably slipped down the side of the fridge onto the floor, I couldn't stand to see my kids pictures laying on the floor (and being stepped on).

With the photo frame I was easily able to slide a picture in and can now enjoy it, without the need of tape. Or stand sideways to look as it slipped right off the fridge.

I can definitely see how Happeez has the ability to hold to many types of surfaces. I am pretty boring and have mine in use on our fridge, but Happeez opens up a world of possibilities.

I feel so organized now and I am ready to tackle the start of a busy school year and activities as they begin in September.

Buy from Mayfair Lane on line, or check for a retailer near you. I did! I am beyond excited to find a local retailer, and that isn't a small feat in rural Ontario, Canada. I will be over (to the store) seeing what they carry. I think Happeez make great additions to your home's decor and perfect for gift giving. ( I see lots of holiday patterns)

Disclaimer: I was sent a variety of products for my review. Opinions are mine, yours may differ. Use your judgment when making a purchase.


blueviolet said...

I absolutely love Mayfair Lane and those happeez clips are the BEST!!! I have never ever come across a better clip!

Shelby said...

I love it all! Cute cute stuff! :)

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