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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Learning to read with Leap Frog ~ Tag Reading System

Tell me...what is better than reading under a tree on a summer's day? There is something peaceful about it, the warm breeze, with the sun shining down. Now even the youngest of readers can enjoy these kind of serene moments, thanks to the Tag Reading System from Leap Frog.
Last Christmas I was interested in the Tag System and thought it would be a great gift for Jillian, but I didn't know if she was quite ready for it yet. When I was given the chance to review a Leap Frog toy, I thought this would be perfect timing. Jillian just turned four and I knew she was now ready. Jillian loves reading through books and now has certain ones memorized. She is able to tell a story by looking at the pictures. All these are great starts to learning to read, and I knew she now has the interest to be able to sit down and enjoy the Tag Reading System.

After being shown how the Tag Reading System works, Jillian is able to pick it up and get reading a book on her own. She loves that the system gives her some independence and lets her hear a story whenever she desires. She easily understood that gliding the wand over the book made the stories come to life.

I like that the wand is small and made to fit her little hand. This is a fabulous toy for car trips, as it is compact and I can just slip it inside my purse for safe keeping.

I like that we were easily able to find additional books at our local store, and at a reasonable cost. The Tag Reading System is going to be a great learning tool for Jillian as she begins to read. It is a toy that will grow with her, as it is geared to children ages 4 through 8.

New and improved this summer, Leap Frog released their Tag Reading System in a sleeker form, with an included title.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Tag System for our review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ. Use your judgment when making a purchase.


rache said...

my little girl has that and she loves it... she already knows her alphabets - she's 2.. I hope she will be able to read by 3 at least... thanks for sharing this post... :)


Nancy said...

Wow that is awesome that you got to review this product, becuase that thing is expensive! I did not have one for Caitlin, it did not exist when she was tiny, but I did get one for Isabel when she was three. She loved it and when she was done learning to read, she and her sister used it to make ridiculous sentences, it was hysterical...

Janet said...

What a wonderful system! And as it instills a love of reading, even better!