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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dirty Little Laundry Secrets Revealed - Sunlight Deep Clean

Isn't it great to get away and enjoy some family time away from the norm? We just returned from two weeks at our family cottage. In our time away I hope we made some happy memories that the kids can hold on to when those cold winds of autumn and winter begin to blow.

A huge let down for me has always been returning from time away from home with piles of dirty laundry. It takes me a week just to get caught back up, and this time around was no different.

When we pulled up to our house last week, we had in tow two full garbage bags of dirty laundry, plus two full baskets. I was feeling pretty bummed looking at the mountains of laundry which seemed to taunting me, but then I remembered a package which I received just before leaving.

Sunlight Deep Clean - is a laundry breakthrough that is scientifically proven to help remove the unseen body oils and sweat lurking in your clean clothes.

Just introduced to Canadians this July, Sunlight Deep Clean has given us options when it comes to laundry which we have never have before. Scientifically formulated to clean the dirt and stains which we can see, Sunlight Deep Clean is also removing the lingering sweat and body oils which we can't see.

Sunlight Deep Clean contains a specially formulated combination of ingredients that safely penetrate between the fibers of clothing and remove that trapped oil and sweat that other detergents leave behind.

Recently in a poll Canadians admitted some of their dirty little secrets:
  • 26 per cent of respondents only wash pants, skirts or dresses when they become visibly dirty; 31 per cent of respondents wait until jeans are visibly dirty before they are washed
  • One in 10 of women surveyed wash bedding only once a month
  • nearly 8 in 10 Canadian women say they have re-worn clothing because they felt they weren’t dirty enough to require washing after every wear/use
  • More than a third of Canadian women admit to going a month without changing the bed sheets
  • Nearly half (46%) of Canadian women have fished clothes out of the laundry basket to wear
  • 3% admit to having turned underpants inside-out instead of washing them
  • Mom media: Almost a quarter of Canadian women surveyed (22%) are not washing children’s clothing after every use

Well, Sunlight Deep Clean did I have the ultimate test for you. My garbage bags contained bedding, towels, as well as the clothing worn by my three kids and ourselves while at our cottage. And, let me tell you it has been hot. So if sweat and body oils are going to be trapped in the fibers of our clothing, this would be the time.

As always, Sunlight did a great job getting my clothing clean. And now even better, Sunlight Deep Clean is getting down and dirty with sweat and body oils.

Canadians be sure to drop by Sunlight for a money saving coupon, so you too, can get unseen body oils and sweat out of your clothing.

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Sunlight for my use. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ.


blueviolet said...

It must be great if it can clean that camping crud!!!

Randi Troxell said...

sounds awesome!
and i couldn't imagine all the laundry... between 3 kids and you and your husband.. YIKES!

每当遇见你 said...
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