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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Overall Beauty company began in 2004 by selling Mood Nailpolish, Magic Lash eyelash enhancer, and Black Magic Mascara. Since then, they have expanded to have their own line of mineral makeup - Overall Beauty Minerals.

Overall Beauty.com has become your destination for quality beauty products from many small companies on the web. Who wants to pay high prices for beauty items? At Overall Beauty you will find the same high quality skincare and makeup.

Organic and handcrafted beauty products are just better for you.

Overall Beauty.com sent me five mineral eye make-up samples in my choice of colours. It arrived in a super cute handmade make-up bag. My choices of colours were hope, mists & memory, silver, night wisp and pink shimmer.
I am fairly new to using mineral eye shadow, so I was looking forward for my package from Overall Beauty to arrive in the mail. My samples were sent in containers, and not baggies, which is something I really appreciated. The handmade make-up bag was such a nice touch. Kim even included a make-up brush for applying the eye shadow.

I found an extensive selection of colour choices at Overall Beauty. I love the colours I chose! The great thing about having so many choices is that there is sure to be something for everybody. When using mineral eye shadow, I learned that a little goes a long way.

While perusing Overall Beauty's site I found there was great tip sections for using and applying the products they sell. I was keen to learn the basics of applying mineral eye shadow. Like I said a little goes a long way, and when applying this is key. Start by dipping the tip of your brush in the eye shadow, then tap the brush on the side of the container. This is a great tip, since I was finding that I was getting mineral eye shadow all over my nose!

Thanks to Overall Beauty, I am now a transformed eye shadow user. I am solely a mineral eye shadow user from here on out.

Next steps are trying out Magic Lash mascara, and their gorgeous (colours) nail polish! Check out Overall Beauty, they will have what you are looking for!

Connect with Overall Beauty:

Disclaimer: I was sent samples for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ. Use your judgment when making a purchase.


blueviolet said...

My daughter swears by mineral makeup, but I'm just learning too.

Tracy said...

sounds so nice! I just tried mineral makeup a few days ago and just love it! I should look into this brand :O) Thanks for the review!

Peggy said...

I checked them out and their prices are great!! I love my mineral makeup!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This sounds like a great site. I need all the beauty tips I can get.

He is getting big isn't he.

@graywolfpack said...

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