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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nature's Gate ~ Sunscreen SPF 30

The sun is finally shining full strength here in Southern Ontario. Days are long and the sun feels so good on our faces. But, we all know that sun can cause a lot of damage, and even one serious burn as a child increases your incidence of skin cancer later in life. For these reasons, I am so careful to always apply sunscreen on my children before they head out the door in the morning.

Thank you to Nature's Gate for sending my family their kids sunscreen in giggleberry scent.

Nature's Gate ~
We all want to look and feel beautiful and Nature's Gate Organics allows you to beautify naturally so you look good on the outside while also feeling good about the products you use.

Offering an extensive collection of organic hair and skin care, the organics line addresses the hair and skin needs of men and women and children. The line features certified organic essences, fresh from the field of a local family owned organic farm in the US.

My children, although they are blond all seem to tan, but I am not taking a chance with sending them out in the sun with their skin unprotected. Nature's Gate sunscreen fits the bill perfectly for our skin protection needs. Their formula is creamy and non-greasy. A little goes a long way, and it rubs in smoothly and easily to the kids skin. The scent of giggleberry is very light, I hardly even notice it and I love that. Some sunscreens scents are so overpowering and just not appropriate on children. I tell the kids to apply it and they don't seem to encounter any problems getting it on and rubbed in.

And, coming from Nature's Gate I can be confident that I am not slathering unknown chemicals all over my children, which could be leaching through their skin into their bodies. The price is not out of line with drug-store variety sunscreen. It only makes sense to use a product we can trust, from Nature's Gate.

Nature's Gate has rolled out a full product line of sun care protection for the entire family, so go ahead and have fun in the sun!

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample for my review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ. Use your judgment when making a purchase.


Randi Troxell said...

i should TOTALLY check into this for myself.. cause i am TERRIBLY fair and do tend to have sensitive skin too!

淑慧 said...
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