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Monday, May 3, 2010

Girl Gotch

Girl Gotch ~ Was born one day while Rebecca (owner & founder of Girl Gotch) was visiting her sister and her daughter had an accident. Without a change of clothes Rebecca borrowed a pair of her nephew's gotch. At the time, Rebecca didn't think much of it, but as the day went on she noticed that her daughter wasn't complaining about her underwear hurting. Rebecca watched her jump and play around and the underwear stayed in place. The gotch covered her whole bum, which is something her panties never managed to do.

Rebecca has worked with designers and manufacturers to get what she believes are the best girl's underwear on the market.
Jillian was so excited to try out Girl Gotch, she has struggled with her underwear riding up and causing her to experience those wedgies that no one likes. I was excited for her to try Girl Gotch because after checking out the undies on the website, I thought they were brilliant! Panties can be cute, but they have a lot of flaws. Panties are made of flimsy light-weight materials which always seem to get a 'run'. Panties tend to have waist elastics that always stretch and they end up being thrown out long before they could be worn out.
Girl Gotch are the exact opposite of panties.
Girl Gotch are made of super soft and thick cotton. Girl Gotch have a wide waist band that fits perfectly around Jillian's waist. Most importantly they are comfortable.
Jillian was always running around with her bum hanging out. We were always joking that she must enjoy the wedgie since it was a constant for the poor girl. I guess we were wrong about that, now that she has Girl Gotch she is glad to be rid of the riding up issue. When given the choice between her old panties or her girl gotch, girl gotch wins out every time.

We were sent a box of both boxers and briefs. The boxes each contain three pairs of gotch, which were in bright blue, purple and pink. Girl Gotch are available in sizes two through six. When ordering be confident in ordering true to size, there is not need to order up a size or two with Girl Gotch. I just hope that Girl Gotch will be able to expand their line to larger sizes. Now that we have found undies that are comfortable, there is no going back!

Girl Gotch on facebook

Disclaimer: Thank you to Girl Gotch who sent me a sample for our review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours could differ. Use your judgment when making a purchase.


hippo chick said...

I want some, size 1X.

~hippo hugs~

Randi Troxell said...

i think these are awesome.. look comfy too!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Thank you! My daughter has a terrible time with her panties....in fact during Sunday School she turned that little rear around and showed everyone they were hurting as she pulled that wedgie out...so proud!