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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pony Sisters Ponchos

Pony Sisters Ponchos ~ came to be after the owner's four year old daughter wouldn't keep her coat on.

When I first came across Pony Sisters Ponchos I felt a twinge of nostalgia. I can remember wearing a bright yellow knitted poncho when I was about five years old, actually my first day of kindergarten picture I was wearing that poncho. That yellow poncho holds memories for me, but one of the biggest one is the memory of that poncho being very itchy and heavy.

Pony Sisters Ponchos has filled that craving for nostalgia, with a poncho that has evolved over the years.

For our review we received a pink leopard print fleece poncho. This poncho is based on the same classic design as my knitted yellow one, but with a modern twist. The fleece is amazingly soft 100% acrylic fleece, with a hood and two pockets. When Jillian saw me take the poncho out of the box she gasped...she loves pink and she loves anything soft, so this was for her! I choose a size medium, which I think is a little long for a four year old, probably a medium would be better suited for a five or six year old. To me, a poncho should sit just above the knee and on her it hits below her knee. But, really it is a preference where you wish the poncho to sit on your child, by no means is it dragging on the ground or causing her to trip.

Pony Sisters Ponchos are so soft and cuddly that I see Jillian putting her face down on one side so it is rubbing her cheek. This same softness and cuddliness makes this poncho perfect for spring and fall in Ontario.

I love that these ponchos are made in North America and that Pony Sisters Ponchos are staying true to their beginnings and making ponchos and making them well! Our poncho is constructed of high quality materials and the quality of the workmanship is perfect. You can tell these are not mass-produced, each and every one is made with attention to detail and the finished product reflects that.

My poncho from Pony Sisters Ponchos is one which will be worn many times and when we are no longer able to wear it because Jillian has outgrown it we will pass it down to cousin Lyla.

And, just so you know, keep an eye out for that first day of school photo when September rolls around...I bet Jillian is smiling proudly wearing her poncho from Pony Sisters Ponchos!


Visit and you are sure to find a poncho you are sure to love and want for the little girl in your life.

Disclaimer: I was sent a poncho for our review. Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ. Thank you to Pony Sisters Ponchos for this review opportunity. Use your judgment when making a purchase.

1 comment:

Jane In The Jungle said...

Thanks for the link Pam, we LOVE poncho's around here, in fact I wear a royal blue fleece one during the winter...much to my BOYS chagrin, LOL!!