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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I will have to see

With my youngest starting kindergarten this Fall I am busy getting her ready. You are probably thinking what's to get ready in April for school this coming September? Well, there are many things actually. In a couple of weeks we revisit the school and see the classrooms again, as well as go to a bus safety presentation. Today I took her to the ENT specialist for a check on her ears and we have a dentist appointment lined up for the beginning of summer. One thing I haven't booked yet is an eye exam at the optometrist. You may remember that my son has eyeglasses for distance reading and I want to make sure Jillian is checked before her school career begins.

My husband and I both wear prescription glasses. I got mine when I was in grade seven and I can remember the day very well. I got them in the Spring time, around mid to late May so the leaves were out on the trees. As my mom drove me home I can remember so clearly thinking that you could actually see the leaves and that trees weren't just one large green outline. On the other hand, my hubby got his first prescription glasses in grade three. He hated them and remembers always feeling like the picked on kid because he had glasses, while there weren't any other kids with glasses.

Matthew had a difficult time with his glasses over the winter when they would fog up after being outside. He had really gotten out of the habit of wearing them and I compromised with him and let him leave them at school, which meant I didn't know if they were actually on his face while he is at school. This spring we are trying to get back into the habit of Matthew wearing his glasses to school. Luckily, for him he isn't the only boy in his class who needs to wear glasses and I think this helps him not to feel singled out.

If it turns out that Jillian needs prescription eyeglasses, I actually think the frame choices for little girls are pretty cute. I know for sure she will be looking for a pink frame. Maybe though, she may be like Emily and have vision that improves as she gets older. When we had Emily's eyes examined last Fall her vision had improved over the year before. I had better get that appointment made!

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Nancy said...

well Pam you know I am a seriously alternative mom and my opinion on glasses is no different. I apologize in advance for being so darn difficult and never going along with conventional wisdom!!!!

I would not take Jillian to get her eyes checked at this age. Childrens eyes are still changing up to age 7. If you throw glasses on them at a young age, you cripple them. I firmly believe this. And telling kids "wear your glasses and dont take them off" is even worse. This is commonplace here in America but in other countries glasses are not permanent, they actually are considered a crutch for when you are having an eye problem, which is usually considered temporary. You are prescribed glasses of weaker and weaker prescription until you no longer need them!!!

At the very least I'd wait until a school nurse or the normal eye test at the dr proves problematic before taking her to an optometrist. And then once you do, find a vision therapist that understands vision exercises.

My kids both have slight vision correction for distance, and have a pair of glasses. They got them at ages 14 and 10. (Both are STAR students in advanced classes, and not having glasses before this age did not hurt their academics) They wear them in class occasionally when they need them, not any other time. Their vision has not changed. Their friends with glasses who wear them all the time, get new thicker prescrips every single year. That is what happened to me when I was a kid and once I got contact lenses? Forget it. My vision went down hill. Since I have gone back to glasses and spend some time without glasses my vision has not changed in about 15 years. Your eye muscles need what every other muscle in your body needs, exercise.

So anyway, there you go, something to consider. The only kids that need to be wearing glasses in kindergarten are kids with serious issues they usually have had since birth, or kids with strabismus or something like that. Everyone else needs to be using their eyeballs as is and developing their eyesight till age 7.

Mighty M said...

I think my first grade teacher insisted I get my eyes checked because my penmanship was so bad. I ended up with glasses, but it certainly did not help my penmanship! Mickey's vision is just fine and mine was not so I wonder how our kids will turn out. :)

Randi Troxell said...

i sorta see where nancy is coming from... BUT, i can remember months before i got my contacts and glasses i would have EXCRUCIATING headaches.. and all, and the thing is... i really could NOT see that well...

i think that yea, sometimes eyes can change and DO get better, but from hearing of you and your husband and how young you had to get them... i'm thinking that if they say she needs them, probably she really does!!!

hippo chick said...

Our Paige had amblyopia and we had no idea until we took her for her kindergarten physical at school. Her wasn't turned in, but her vision was 20/400 in that eye.

We patched, put glasses on her, even tried contacts but as soon as the patch was off, she was back to 20/400.

Now, she only wears glasses to protect her good eye. The doc says if she lost her good eye, her bad eye could probably be corrected to 20/60.

I'm really serious about eye care.

~hippo hugs~

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Frames are so much prettier than when I was little.

逸凡逸凡 said...
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Hillary said...

Pam- you know my beliefs on eyeglasses. I complained to my parents for 3 years (from age 5-8) that I could not see. My parents thought I just wanted glasses because my sisters had them. When I hit 3rd grade, my teacher, Mrs. Cook, recommended to my parents that I see an ophthalmologist because I was squinting a lot. She moved my seat 3 times before I sat in the very front of the classroom.

Without my teacher's persistence, it would have taken my parents a lot longer to get me glasses.

Not every child needs glasses- but every child SHOULD have their eyes checked around age 8. Just my 2cents