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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Harumika ~ Style Your Imagination!

I hadn't hear of the Harumika Style Starter Set, but my kids had. When we received one for our review my oldest kids (yes, that means my son) were really excited about it! Honestly, I was a little surprised by their reaction, as to me when I looked at it, it didn't appear to be anything too exciting.

But...once we ripped into the packaging we found a world which the kids could fuel by their imagination and creativity. Harumika consists of a fashion form on a base, your child is able to then be a fashion designer. Using the supplied stylus tool, you can easily manipulate the fabrics to create fashion masterpieces.

This is the kind of toy a mom is happy to give to her children. Harumika inspires would-be fashion designers, and the possibilities are endless. This is the kind of toy I would of loved as a child.

~wrap a piece of fabric around the dress form~
~use the stylus tool to tuck the fabric snugly into the Style Lock on the back of the form~
~add additional fabrics, accessories and stickers to complete the look~

It is simple to quickly come up with different looks just be folding, twisting or pleating the fabric before using the tool to lock the fabric into place. I love that there is no need for cutting or sewing, making this a safe and creative toy. In this day of video and computer games it was really refreshing to watch my children work on making their fashion debut in the world of Harumika!

Canadians check Toys R Us and Zellers for the Harumika starter kit as well as additional products from Harumika.


Disclaimer: I was sent a Harumika starter kit for our review. Opinions expressed are mine, your may differ. Use your judgment when making a purchase.


Nancy said...

thats cool, i bet my girls would like that!

ApachesPrincess said...

These look very neat, great review!

Randi Troxell said...

this sounds great.. so like something i would have loved when i was younger.. or now, lol!

momof3girls said...

My daughter loves this product!!! She is 9 years old and loves being creative, and I love that it uses her noggin!

Janet said...

My niece would LOVE that. I am going to have a look at our Toys R Us - maybe they'll have it. What a novel idea!