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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunlight Green Clean

cold water power, includes plant-based cleaning ingredients

For quite some time I have been striving to improve my laundry habits, by that I mean...I want to make the least possible impact on our environment with my daily chore of laundry. In our home of three children (one being a pre-teen, you remember those frequent clothes changing years) my laundry hamper overflowth - constantly.

Over a year ago I made the decision of three loads a day was my maximum. I have been a hang the clothes to dry kind of gal for years, but I had yet to find and switch to a 'green' detergent. I am a creature of habit and I think that is one of my main reasons for not taking the leap and experimenting. I know what I like and I know what works.

However, the tides of laundry in my home are changing.

I was offered to try Sunlight Green Clean and I thought, this is it! I am able to try this environmentally friendly detergent and see if it could get the job done here in my home. My son is six and gets dirty, his knees always have grass or mud stains. My youngest daughter is a budding artist. Her clothing seems to always have paint or markers...and usually her lunch too. So, my detergent has to be tough and get the job done the first time, I hate re-washing and find it to be a huge waste of my time.

Sunlight Green Clean concentrate comes in a small bottle of 946mL, and claims to do 32 loads per bottle. I received Free and Clear, which was a change for me as well. I usually use detergents which are scented, but really I don't miss the scent when using Sunlight Green Clean.

First, I love the small bottle, it makes me happy to have a smaller bottle to toss into my blue box when I am finished. Once upon a time I worked the night shirt at a grocery store stocking the shelves. One of the aisles I did was the laundry detergent aisles. Detergent arrives at the store in very thick cardboard boxes. These boxes are glued tightly shut and with the larger bottles you can only get six into a box. If you think about it, using smaller bottles has a huge trickle down effect...more bottles of detergent per box, less cardboard and glue used, less packaging per shipment, less shipments per store...meaning less emissions from the truck delivering the goods.

When using Sunlight Green Clean I am using just a drop, I find a little gets the job done nicely. Sunlight Green Clean is good for standard and high efficient machines, which is great. I was pleasantly surprised that this detergent is able to get the hard job done around our home. Sunlight Green Clean is able to get my childrens clothing clean with just one cycle.

When my old detergent is all gone, my home will be switching to Sunlight Green Clean. It did a great job at getting the clothes clean and was non-irritating to sensitive skin. And, now I am happily 'green' while doing laundry. Canadians, look for this great product in the laundry aisle, I think you too will become a believer!

Sunlight is giving Canadians the option of choosing a 'green' product without having to compromise cleaning performance.

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of detergent for my review. These are my opinions, yours could vary. Use your judgment when making a purchase.


Audrey said...

I might have to look into that. I use sunlight now - but not the "green" one. Will see if I can find it.
Thanks so much for the review!

Melinda said...

I love "Clean" cleaners, it makes me feel better as a family

maggie said...

I just picked some up the other day...it was on sale for $4.oo plus I had $1.00 off coupon. I haven't used it yet....but it sounds like a great product. If it works as well as you say, I'll definitely switch and use it full time.

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Thanks for the review and I will look into it.

Randi Troxell said...

sounds great.. i'll be checking into this!

Kelly said...

With the animals and baby in the house... I love green!!