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Friday, March 19, 2010


As a new mom I was nervous about all the unknowns of bringing home a new baby. It certainly doesn't help when your helpless baby becomes sick with a cold. One of the hardest things for a mom is the inability to help your baby when they are sick. Often times I would find myself beyond exhaustion as I tried to help my baby clear their nose and breath. We tried everything including sitting in the bathroom with the shower running (to create steam), to the baby sleeping upright on our chests.

For our review we were sent a hydraSense gift pack. Honestly, I was not familiar with hydraSense before I received the product for review. Now, though, I think that hydraSense is brilliant!

~ Hydrating Nasal Care ~

Cleanses excessive mucus accumulation caused by allergies, colds and upper respiratory infections. It also reduces the duration of cold symptoms and occurrence of complications.
Relieves nasal dryness.

~ Nasal Aspirator Plus ~Ensures a hygienic aspiration by trapping excess mucus while gently relieving your baby's nasal congestion quickly and effectively.
Also, helps to maintain clear breathing and to facilitate eating and sleeping. Can be used when relief from nasal discharge is desired, even in newborns.

We all know that young children are not able of blowing their nose. hydraSense is an effective and simple method of cleansing and soothing infants' nasal cavities to help them blow their nose. hydraSense can be used daily to gently cleanse excessive mucus accumulation in congested nasal cavities caused by allergies or colds. It also reduces nasal dryness due to dust or dry air, and moisturizes crusty noses.

If your babies are anything like mine...they developed colds shortly after birth. I can only wish that I was armed with hydraSense back then. But, I am fortunate to offer this product to my sister who's baby has constantly had a runny nose this cold season.

This would be a great product to have in your home if you are the parent of a baby or young child. After all, we all know that babies become sickest at night, hydraSense in your medicine cabinet will give your peace of mind.

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I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central and received a Mom Central gift pack to thank me for taking the time to participate.


Janet said...

WOW! I neverhad anything like that when Stacey was little! What a great product!

Simply Stacie said...

I sent you a virtual Easter Basket from Hersheys. It supports a good cause!


Ginger said...

All mouth-powered aspirators are better than bulbs but the best one for sure is Nosefrida. I am willing to try Hydrasense too!