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Saturday, February 27, 2010

DanActive L.casei Defensis

Did you know that nearly 70% of your natural defenses are located in your intestine?

That is why the 10 billion L.casei Defensis bacteria in each bottle of DanActive go right to work in your gut, helping strengthen your natural defenses.
How? Danone DanActive contains a precise, effective amount of L.casei Defensis , a probiotic culture exclusive to DanActive. This unique formula is what helps strengthen your body's natural defenses to harmful bacteria from your environment.

~ Available in convenient single-serving bottles in several flavours

~ Found at grocery, drug and club stores in the dairy aisle

~ Contains 80 calories per bottle and less than 2% fat per portion

Visit danactive.ca for more info.

My thoughts....

As a person who has chronic health concerns, I was quite interested in trying DanActive. I loved many things about this product....I loved the small bottles, which are just the perfect size for on-the-go. I loved the taste and the selection of flavours was good. I found the price to be high at first glance, but then I considered what I was getting for my money. Here is what was surprising to me...my oldest daughter enjoys it, I can slip it in her lunch bag and id doesn't come back at the end of the day! I do enjoy DanActive and even though this campaign is over, I think that DanActive will continue to find it's way into my grocery cart.

Thank you to BuzzAgent for providing this opportunity.

Disclaimer: This was written for part of a bzzAgent campaign. I was given a coupon to try out DanActive.

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