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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Crazy Dog ~ has the best funny t-shirts around! Crazy Dog is your premier online outlet for funny t-shirts.

Vintage t-shirts and custom t-shirts not on your list today? Crazy Dog has something for everyone. From the best funny t-shirts to graphic t-shirts and more...start turning head with funny t-shirts from Crazy Dog.

Whether you want to make a statement, or just make fun of others for no reason, Crazy Dog has the cool t-shirts you've been looking for.

Thank you to Crazy Dog T-Shirts for offering to send us our choice of t-shirt for our review.

When my hubby and I started to look at the different t-shirts to choose one for our review, we were sitting on the couch laughing our butts off. My hubby has a sense of humour which I sometimes find a little crude and some may think a little off. Crazy Dog T-Shirts have a selection of shirts which he could live in and chuckle as he was to get dressed.

We finally made our choice and he decided upon the Meat is Murder T-Shirt. For a couple of reasons he found the tee funny. You see, my hubby grew up on a beef farm and their business was to raise cattle for food and there are many people out there who appose the beef industry. My hubby is a very enthusiastic smoker...as in bbq smoking. For him, this t-shirt was really fun to wear.

We were really happy with the quality of the t-shirt. Our Crazy Dog T-Shirt is a Hanes tee.

Being a product of the eighties (and possibly, I may be stuck there as well) my favourite T-shirts are the 80's. But, really you are able to find a t-shirt that is sure to appeal to just about anyone. The St. Patrick's Day t-shirts are fun. If you go out to drink green beer on St. Paddy's day then you are going to have to check out Crazy Dog's selection of tees.

Let your sense of humour guide you when you visit Crazy Dog. Wearing a t-shirt from Crazy Dog is sure to be a conversation starter, maybe even ruffle a few feathers.

But, in my opinion that is what Crazy Dog T-Shirts is aiming for!

Disclaimer: I was given a t-shirt for our review. These are my opinions, your may differ. Please use your judgment when making purchases.


tattytiara said...

It's fun to see novelty t-shirts making a come back.

blueviolet said...

I actually really do like their tshirts!