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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Cream Perfume Company {review and discount code}

At The Cream Perfume Company you will find a a collection of solid perfumes that were developed as a commercially more affordable, healthier and natural alternative to high-priced fragrances that are packaged in elaborate, environmentally unfriendly materials and incorporate ethanol, petroleum carriers and other undesirable fillers.
By eliminating the bulk of ethanol and water, they use significantly less expensive, alternative and eco-friendly container materials such as wood and incorporate natural carriers like beeswax and sweet almond oil as was the original practice in perfumery for many thousands of years..

Their solids represent unusual, simple and elegant delivery of world-class French perfumes to market as longer-lasting lightly moisturizing creams at a great price.

I am very thankful to The Cream Perfume Company for generously sending several samples for me to try out, and just as the cold, dry winds are starting to blow.

My skin always tends to become dry in the cooler months and I was eager to give these perfumed lotions a try.

But, first I must admit the image I had of a cream perfume is something that my grandmother used to have in her purse, and something she would dab on her wrists (as well as mine). While I remember that smell fondly now (since Grandma is gone) it was not my first choice of scents that I want to be wearing in my thirties.

I am happy to report that the cream perfumes from The Cream Perfume Company are nothing like the cream perfumes of Grandma's day.

I was generously sent three perfumed body moisturizers...
Rose, Coconut and Lavender.

My favourite scent of body moisturizer is Lavender. Lavender is so relaxing to me. I enjoy taking a warm bath in the evening before bed and then using the perfumed moisturizer just before going to bed. The lavender helps me sleep, while the moisturizer is helping my skin stay hydrated.

However, the same can be said for any of the scents, you can apply your favourite of the three and you are lightly scented for the day. No need to apply separate perfumes or sprays. The perfumed body moisturizer does the job of perfume and moisturizer beautifully and affordably.

In addition I was also scent three solid cream perfumes...
Mango, Mimosa bouquet and Ylang Ylang

My favourite of those scents is Mango. I love the fresh, fruity and light fragrance.

I was quite impressed with the scents, I don't enjoy overpowering smells...I was very comfortable wearing any of these. I knew I wasn't causing anyone near to me any discomfort. My scents were fresh and light and pleasing to the nose.

~ buy it ~Check out the selection and scents available for The Cream Perfume Company. You are sure to find something that is just for you. You will be happy to see all the products are eco-friendly and made from natural ingredients. Check out the pricing as well...you are going to be pretty excited with the price points. A bottle of Lavender moisturizer is $12.00 (US), and be sure to check out the discount code included in this post.

~ gift it ~This holiday season be sure to include a thoughtful gift from The Cream Perfume Company. Everyone loves the gift of scent, and once they use these products they will be doubly thankful when their skin feels so moisturized.

The Cream Perfume Company is offering a GREAT discount code to be used now until the end of year. Receive 30% off of everything!! Also, they are offering free gift wrapping, and my personal favourite (since I am Canadian) free shipping in the US and CANADA.There are no better deals out there than this great offer from The Cream Perfume Company.
Be sure to take advantage, and get some names crossed off your list, quickly, easily and inexpensively!!

Use code:TCPCH

Thank you to The Cream Perfume Company for supplying me with the samples for consideration. I was not paid for this post. Please use your own judgment when making purchases.

1 comment:

blueviolet said...

I don't like the smell of lavender but the coconut sounds wonderful!

I would think the mango would be great too!