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Saturday, October 31, 2009


After a week that I would rather not relive, (I will say insurance companies SUCK.) we are so excited to celebrate Halloween today!

This morning we started off the day with taking the kids to swimming lessons.

This afternoon we are carving our pumpkin.

Matthew and Daddy are smoking some pork for supper. Matthew's first smoke!

Then we are heading out for trick or treating. We always go as a family and leave our candy bowl on our front step. We will be missing one member of the family this year, Emily is going with a friend this year. So that is kind of bittersweet.

Thank you to Erin for sending such an awesome Halloween swap package!

these headbands are a huge hit with everyone, especially Jillian!

Thank you to the chocolate-loving Shannon for organizing this swap. Looking forward to Christmas!! Great job, Shannon.


Kristie said...

Happy Halloween! Have fun tonight with the kiddos! :-)

Yaya said...

And people don't dump the whole bowl of candy in their bag? They do here.....

The Head Eagle said...

What a great tradition...going as a family!

A bowl of candy, left unattended on my door step would last a mere seconds!

Happy Halloween!

Mighty M said...

So fun - love those headbands!! Have a great night! ;)

blueviolet said...

We can't trust the kids with a bowl left outside here!

Happy Halloween!

Kelly said...

Happy Halloween sister!
I hope you have a great time tonight with the kiddies. And I did feel bittersweet too that Emily wouldnt be with you... :(

p.s. our neighbourhood didnt dump the bowl of candy.. there was stillquite a bit left when we got home... but I did walk up on a boy taking a rather large handful!!

Kathie @ my net finds said...

Happy Halloween!

Nichol said...

Happy Halloween!

Sophia's Mom said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween with the kiddos!