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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review *Tiny Star Couture*

At Tiny Star Couture, they take delight in the girlie, playful side of our Tiny Stars.

The clippies and headbands you find on their site are designed to add a girlie touch to any outfit.
Jillian was the lucky recipient of the THE KENNA.

And, there isn't a happier girl around to receive a pretty headband in the mail that was just for her.


First and foremost, Tiny Star Couture first priority is to make a quality product and provide excellent customer service. I was very impressed with the quick attention I received when I emailed with a question. But, even more impressed with the quick resolution to my question. In a time where customer service seems to have taken a back-burner, I was so happy to find a company which obviously strives on keeping their customers happy!

The Kenna is a pretty headband with a simple bow, I loved it immediately! I like the tasteful, delicate features of the bow. It compliments the child and the outfit on the child, not one of those bows which overpowers the child.

The Kenna is made from a soft stretchy material. I was very pleased with the softness of the headband. I have not been a big fan of the headband, simply because of that awful indentation that they leave on a child's head. I can honestly say I am a reformed headband user, the Kenna didn't leave any marks when she wore it on her forehead.

I would say the Kenna is perfect for a young baby up to a preschool age girl.

It is the kind of accessory which is timeless and could be worn with many different outfits. Jillian looks forward to wearing her new headband from Tiny Star Couture to preschool this fall.

She loves it because it is pretty, I love it because it is different from what all the other girls are wearing in their hair.

Be sure to visit Tiny Star Couture, you will be sure to find something special for the little girl in your life. Tiny Star Couture has much more to offer in addition to their lovely headbands. They also specialize in clippies, hats, princess wear, jewelry, and onesies.

Thank you to Tiny Star Couture for providing us with the Kenna headband for review. The opinions expressed are my own, please use your own judgement when making a purchase.

(I could not resist adding this pic, where Jillian placed the headband in her hair all by herself.)


blueviolet said...

She looks adorable and I would definitely say that she likes her headband!

Janet said...

How absolutely sweet! Love the cheeky smile! :)

Randi Troxell said...

aw! these are so cute... sometimes makes me want to have a baby just so i can dress her up.. lol.. totally just kidding!

Yaya said...

The little girl I nanny for has that dress!

The Blonde Duck said...

Do they come in my size?

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Hi, it's Kathy from Reflections. Just hopped over for a visit! Nice blog. I loved the post below about the old type hand mixer--haven't seen one of those in ages. Happy Blogging! By the way, I am signed in to comment under the account of my second blog, MiMi's Mini Tales--just in case you are confused! Kathy