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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Melrose Kids HEAD SNUGGLER *Review*

As we headed out on our road trip recently I was sure to install the HEAD SNUGGLER, which we had received from Melrose Kids to Matthew and Jillian's booster and car seats.

After all, we all know what kids (and adults) do on long car trips...fall asleep!

The Head Snuggler is a super soft and stretchy simple accessory which you can slip over the top of your childs car seat. Once the parent has positioned the Head Snuggler, you do not need to worry about it again, it doesn't slip or slide, it remains as you placed it. The Head Snuggler also has a slit for the tether to go through.

I was sure that Jillian would enjoy using it, but not too sure of Matthew's initial reaction. But, not to worry...both kids were very curious about the Head Snuggler and eager to give it a try. At first they were pulling it down and making a game of them, but once they understood the concept of the Head Snuggler, there has been no going back. Both kids now, will pull their
Head Snuggler down on their foreheads, and usually over their eyes.

Unlike a neck hugger, the Head Snuggler keeps their heads back and your child never gets flopped over. The Head Snuggler keeps the back in alignment, and is sure to alleviate stress and strain on the neck and back as the child sleeps in their car seat.

We have all seen this before, and many of us have probably done this ourselves if we fall asleep in the car. We know how uncomfortable it is when we wake up. Just knowing that with the
Head Snuggler we are eliminating that discomfort, was very reassuring.

When visiting Melrose Kids website you will find many tips on how to use the Head Snuggler to its full potential. You will also find helpful hints on how to introduce them to your child. Children may need some encouragement at first, but parents find in no time, kids are reaching for their Head Snugglers.
The Head Snuggler is currently available in for coloured patterns, but be on the look out as Melrose Kids are adding more colours/patterns shortly.

This Canadian Mommy gives the Head Snuggler from Melrose Kids two thumbs up!

Not only is the product 100% Canadian, but it truly is an innovative product for children.

You can purchase your own Head Snuggler HERE!

Thank you to Melrose Kids for the opportunity to review the Head Snuggler. The opinions expressed are my own, please use your own judgement when making a purchase and using a product.


Upstatemomof3 said...

Now that looks COOL!! We may need to get one or two of those before our next car trip down to the ILs house. I may as well sleep on the drive because I never sleep well while we are there. I really need one and so does Big Brother. :)

Janet said...

What a great idea!

Yaya said...

But the "flop" is so cute! ;)