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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to Summer Camp

When we packed up and left last summer it seemed like an eternity to wait to return to summer camp. But yesterday was the day.

Emily was headed off to camp for her week of fun and friendship!

Camp Bimini is a United Church camp, located ten minutes from home. It is a very well run camp, we are so impressed with it.

Drop off time is between 3 and 4 pm, you can expect to wait for up to an hour before you are registered. The co-ordinator of the camp speaks to each camper individually as they arrive. She tells the kids to come to her if they experience any problems/issues. I love that!!

As we were waiting in line, Emily's enemy (from school), well not enemy but the girl who has caused so many issues for Emily, is at camp the same week. She ran up to Emily, and said maybe we are in the same cabin, and then she ran back to her place in line. Emily said that she sure hoped not. Luckily they were not!

After we got home it was bothering me that the girl was there. I decided to call the camp co-ordinator and tell her of the history of these two girls. She was really understanding and I think she was actually glad for the heads-up. She reassured me that she would keep an eye on them.

I am still a little worried, but I am really hoping for the best.

Today I get Matthew home from Grandma and Grandpa's. I know he had a great week farming.

Only one week until we go on our holidays!!


blueviolet said...

I'll be thinking about Emily and hoping everything will go smoothly between the girls. You did a good thing in advising them of the situation beforehand.


Mighty M said...

Hope she has a great time!! And what a good idea talking to them about the history - but hopefully their wont' be any problems!!

Kelly said...

Now that is a line that would make Disney proud! :o) I hope she has a great time!

Sue said...

I'm glad the camp was so understanding about the situation with that girl. What are the chances of her being there huh?

I hope Emily has the time of her life and you enjoy your week, without too much worry ;-)

Are you in Toronto just for Sunday's ballgame or longer?

Kristina P. said...

I hope she has a drama-free campe week!

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Aww, she looks so happy to be at camp. Such great memories are made at summer camps. :-) I hope she has a drama-free week and instead has tons of fabulous memories to leave with!

Kelly said...

Hopefully this girl has matured some and her presence at the camp will be a non-issue. It was a good idea to give the director the heads up!

I hope she has an incredible and memorable (in a great way!) week!

Randi Troxell said...

im glad you called for emaily's sake... and i'm also glad that the camp is ONLY 10 minutes from where you live... happy monday!

lagirl said...

I'm hoping Emily has a fun-filled week with not the least of a worry from the "mean" girl. Don't know why we girls tend to behave so badly sometimes. I especially hate it when certain kids are targeted. Glad you talked with the Counsellor. I bet all goes well.

Janet said...

Oh how I have always loved the idea of Summer Camp. We don't have that in South Africa although I believe there is a place on the South Coast that have initiated one. What a wonderful opportunity for children to make new friends and learn new things and the bonus of course is keeping them out of mischief during the long holiday! Hope all goes well and I am sure she will be fine - who knows, she and the mean girl might just make friends! Ha! I think your talking to the counsellor was a good thing!