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Monday, May 25, 2009

She was a Dancing Queen

Emily had her dance recital this weekend.

All I can say is I am glad that is over. Her dance school does four performances over the course of the weekend. Starting with Friday night, twice on Saturday, and again on Sunday afternoon. Can we all say a little much?

Emily has been in dance since she was three years old, with the exception of one year. This year she took Modern Dance (again)!

I am proud of her sticking it out, but really and truly she seems to enjoy it. And, that is all that matters.

Her costume was a furry soft fabric, which she said as she was sweating was just getting heavier and heavier. I really felt sorry for her, as the weekend was quite warm. They perform in the upstairs of our town hall...so you can just imagine how warm that gets.

And, so, another year of dance comes to a close. She says she wants to return next year, but truthfully, I think she has learned all she can at this dance studio.

The instructor's daughter is heading off to Montreal to a Dance School. We have watched this girl grow up over the years, and it was a teary final performance, as this was the end of the line for her here in town.

Emily has now said she wants to go to Dance School! GULP!!!!


Yaya said...


Why on earth do they do so many performances?

annie kelleher said...

wow thats great!!!! have a wonderful memorial day!

Mistika said...

That is so nice, I want to start mine in dance as well.!

Hit 40 said...

I agree... the dance was fabulous but 4 performances?? Oh.. spring - concerts, award ceremonies, sports banquets, graduation parties....

Good for you realizing that she needs to move on to a new dance teacher. My boys have an outstanding sax teacher, but the guitar guy needs replaced. My boys have also learned about all they can from this man.

Her dress was beautiful!!

Mommy Mac said...

Crushed velvet in a coral color to my eyes.

Yes, heavy....very heavy.

I am so glad you are the kind of mom who allows your daughter to live her passion, but is also honest with what potential is left for her at this studio.

I agree, that is a lot of performing, but just think how long she has worked and how many practices you have attended if only to perform just ONE time.

Those 4 perfromances have given her much more confidence in her dance and allowed her to improve each time.

They have also made for one crazy weekend too!!!

Yeah for Emily!!!

.mac :)

jen@odbt said...

She looks beautiful and you can tell she's having fun with her smile.

Sue said...

So I'm wondering who came up with the heavy, hot outfits for the kids? They are cute but hello... it's the end of May for goodness sakes, not January! lol

Glad Emily had fun!

Mighty M said...

She looks really cute - glad she had a good time, even if she was a little on the warm side!

Laurie in Ca. said...

You are such a great mom Pam and Emily looks so pretty in her "Warm" costume. Keeping up with kids activities can be exhausting but I am sure you were proud of her performance. It is so important for them to be encouraged to follow their passions. Love you Pam and hope you get to relax today:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Kristina P. said...

She looks great! Even with the heavy dress.

Nancy said...

She looks so happy even in her fuzzy too warm dress! If she loves it, I say keep doing it. Isabel my 9 yr old did dance for two years, but she did not like the recitals, all that prep and makeup and hair...not her style. She would have done better in a different school I think, this one was HARD CORE. You HAD to take ballet to take any other classes, she she was sort of forced to take ballet in order to do tap. Then the director of the place was so stressed out during the prep and show that she stressed all the other kids out. So Isabel moved on to volleyball and swimming, the childrens choir and girl scouts and piano. I'm not even sure we have found her nitch though, we dropped piano after two years and the childrens choir lasted only one season. She likes volleyball and swimming but not super in love with it. So next up is kid stage...we are going to try that this summer. So you see, if you find their nitch right away, why fight it? Just stick with it. Even if she changed her mind about what she wanted to study, dance could always be a fantastic creative part of her life!

Anissa said...

She so pretty! Why do they have so many in one weekend that is crazy. TFS

Wanted to let you know I got a new button!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yes, I bet she got hot! She looks great, and I bet she performed great as well.


What a beautiful young lady!

Thank you for the follow! :)


Janet said...

Oh how sweet! I always wanted Stacey to dance but she didn't enjoy it! I have been struggling to leave comments on your blog and one other that I visit. It seems to have come right now though. I don't know if you got my comment about Emily's school and sponsoring the school in Africa. I think that's a great thing to do. Some of the more northern parts of our continent are really struggling! Do you know where they are building the school?
Well done Emily and thank you for your enthusiasm and contribution!!

ahappyhippy mom said...

Emily looks absolutely beautiful in her costume! I'm glad she had fun even though she was overly warm.