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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dose of Daily Drama

I said to my sweet sister a couple of days ago that I would have nothing to say once Christmas was over. Her answer to me was, with this group there is always something that comes up and there would be a story to tell.


Last night at our recreation center they held a swim and movie night for the eight and over crowd. And because it had been at least 48 hours since Emily had been swimming we thought she had better get going to this.

Santa had brought Emily a swim pass card (not cheap) and a new swimsuit, so she wanted to get using her new swim pass. She asked her good friend to go with her, the event was from 4pm to 7pm. All was well, and she was successfully picked up and brought home.

At about 7:40 I asked her if she had any money left over, she did, so I told her to give it back to her Dad. As quickly as a ten year old moves to give back money, she went to get it from her wallet.


The contents of her bag were only a wet swimsuit and a wet towel. The wallet was gone. I yelled to my husband that he needed to go back to the recreation center right then to look for the wallet.

When they got back they went to the room where they watched the movie. The room was dark and locked but she could see it sitting in the room. So they went to the information desk to ask for the room to be unlocked. While they waited, I received a message from my husband telling me what what going on. What a relief, I couldn't believe that it was found.


The wallet that she was seeing through the dark locked door was just a figment of her active ten year old imagination. I now got a new message that said 'false alarm, wallet gone.'

You know the sick, sinking feeling you get when something like this happens? Well, that is how I felt, as did Matthew. He had to stay up and wait to see the outcome of the situation.

So we waited, no new messages came. We were in the dark. At 8:50 I heard the door open, a smiling ten year girl comes waltzing in holding the wallet in the air.

The ten dollar bill was gone. A toonie was gone ($2).

BUT - she had $200 in gift cards that she had gotten for Christmas, and they were still there, and the swim pass was still there. The replacement cost for the swim pass is $50.

I can not believe it, someone turned it in to the canteen. I don't know if it was lost or stolen. Something tells me stolen, as she can't remember if she took it upstairs to the movie or left it in the locker room. I know from experience the temptation of money is so hard for some people to resist. (My former life, I was a cashier supervisor at a grocery store, and I had so many employee thefts)


Thank you to whom ever turned it in. You saved the day.

Thus, the conclusion of daily drama for January 2, 2009.


My Bizzy World said...

Thanks for adding a comment to my blog. I know, "too much pea in my pea soup" LOL, the things little blonde 6 yr olds say. I'm sad to hear about the wallet. It's too bad people feel like they can just tak what doesn't belong to them. Thankfully you found it with all those gift cards. Less is best. We've also learned in different situations. Have a good 2009.


Laura said...

Very lucky!! And fortunate in the New Year!! Did your daughter have black-eyed peas on Jan. 1st?

Muthering Heights said...

I'm sure she learned her lesson!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Thank goodness it turned up! I love a happy ending!

Migraine Mom said...

Visiting from SITS...wow, so glad that you found it but sad that the money was gone!

love life said...

Yes Mommy I did learn I am so glad that Daddy helped me find my wallet and drove me back to the swimming place and waited and WAITED till i DID find my wallet!!

Love, Your Child that looses EVERYTHING Emily(L)

Brooke said...

Thanks goodness it was returned!

sheila said...

YIKES! An expensive lesson! Glad she got most of the good stuff back though. Been browsing your blog. I like it. Love your town! (except for all that water! yikes! looks like a watermain break in cleveland! lol)