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Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Sounds and Sights of Christmas

Today was the Sunday before Christmas. The weather was blustery, there were white outs and blowing snow, making travel difficult. But we were able to get to our destinations with a little extra time and care.

This morning Emily and Matthew and I went to church. There was a baptisim this morning, the baby of a childhood friend and neighbour. Tears were in my eyes as I watched her sweet family celebrate giving this child to God. The Christmas message by our pastor was about angels. Mary had the angel come to her and tell her she would become pregnant with Jesus and she was accepting of this. Would we be accepting of an angel if one came to one of us today?

Emily will be a reader at the Christmas Eve service and Matthew will be a shepard.

This afternoon Emily's choir, SMCC, was invited to sing with the Stratford Civic Symphony. First, is there anything better than an orchestra? And is there anything better than Christmas music by orchestra?

The concert was held in a wonderful old church, the stained glass windows and pipe organ were breathtaking.

Again, there were tears in my eyes, this time the sounds of Christmas. Does music make you emotional? This was a wonderful day, I can feel the spirit of Christmas peace in my heart. I hope you can feel it too!!

1 comment:

Ann said...

I have tears in my eyes just reading about this event! Music does make me emotional. And with the spirit of the season I find myself choking back tears often.
This is a beautiful post!