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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fun Facts About Cats and their People, plus a Giveaway From Arm&Hammer!

Calling all cat people!  This post is for you.

Last week marked International  Cat  Day, and now we can celebrate here on the blog with a giveaway that I know cat owners are going to want to get in on.  But, first....let's talk cats. 

I often share my little kitty,  Purrcilla's picture on Instagram.  She is a complete sweetie who has stolen the hearts of our entire family.  I've shared a little of her story and how she came to live with our family previously on the blog.  In a nutshell, she found us, she was sick with an infection due to having a broken leg.  In her first six months with us, her life often hung in the balance.  We always say that a warm home, good food and lots of love and care saw her through and made her fight for her life. 

Cat Fun Facts

Below we are going to share some fun, cat facts, as found in a survey by Church & Dwight Co, the maker of ARM & HAMMER, sampling adult cat owners in the US. 

  • 79% of people say they treat their cat like a human
  • 74% of people feel that their cat is friendlier than humans
  • 95% of people feel that their cat lightens their mood
  • 35% of people prefer to cuddle with their cat, instead of their significant other
  • 39% of people say that their significant other complains about changing cat litter
  • 75% of people say that cat litter is a major issue and wish it weighed less
Where do you fit in with these findings? 

New Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Lightweight Cat Litter

I do love my sweet kitty dearly, but admit that tending to the cat litter is a daily chore that I rather not have.  But, the reality of having a house cat as a pet is the litter. 

I have to admit that cat litter is a bit of an issue for me.  It's hard for me to purchase and it's hard for me to tend to.  Having a back issue, I can honestly say it's a pain!  However, I am the main caregiver of our cat and sometimes there just isn't any other options. 

Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal Lightweight Cat Litter has come to my rescue. 

It's 50% lighter than their regular kitty litter, the box contains the same amount, yet it is lighter to lift due to revolutionary low-density micro-particles. This litter is 100% dust free, which makes it so nice to pour and bend over while scooping.  And, this litter provides a seven day guarantee!   Our litter pan is behind our kitchen door.  We placed it there when we first got her, for her ease with the broken leg, and I've yet to be successful in moving it.  So, a seven day odor control guarantee is a big deal to me. 

For more information on this litter visit: armandhammerpets.ca

Giveaway for my fellow cat-people

I am so pleased to offer the below items for giveaway to my cat-loving friends! (Canada)

Please use the form below to enter to win a prize package as pictured above.  Please remember one may enter at multiple blogs, yet, you can only win this prize pack once. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sleep Easy with Peaceful Panda

Sleep sometimes eludes even the best of us.  I find that sleep is essential for me to make it through the next day.  My children also need copious amounts of sleep.  So, why if we are so tired is it so difficult for sleep to come?

I often lie awake at night tossing and turning - trying to find a comfortable way to lay or often my brain just won't let itself shut down.  On the other hand, my children have a difficult time winding down.  They seem to have developed into quite the trio of night owls. 

Another huge problem for a lot of families this time of year is children getting out of the normal routines while on summer holidays.  Thus, breaking up their sleep schedules and cycles. 

Peaceful Panda Intervenes

First off, Peaceful Panda is super sweet to look at.  I just love his cute and cuddly little self, and just looking at him gets me in the mood for sleep.  Now, you may be asking if this product is intended for adults or is it for children.  I say, both!   While Peaceful Panda is rated for newborns and up, I can see how having him on your (adult) bed would be just fine, too. (I might just be a big kid at heart, after all.)

Peaceful Panda is from my friends at cloud b.  It's been a while since I featured a cloud b item, yet, that doesn't mean that I've forgotten about them and how wonderful their products are.   Cloud b are known for offering us products with a purpose.  Not only are they soft and cuddly, cloud b stuffies are designed to offer children (and adults) a sensory experience. 

Peaceful Panda attaches easily to the side rail of a crib or toddler bed, or can just sit on his own for those of us who are bigger kids.  He offers eight soothing sounds to put us in a relaxing state of mind, which allows us to drift off to dream land. 

Connect with cloud b through their social channels.  Thank you to cloud b for offering this feature on the blog....and Good Night!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Olay Protects Against the Summer Sun #PGMomGiveaway

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Summer.  It's on!  And, by early predictions it looks like a long, hot, dry summer is stretching out ahead of us (at least here in SW Ontario).  I don't mind one bit and welcome those lazy, hazy days of summer in the sunshine.  But, I am also aware how important it is to protect my skin from the sun's harmful rays. 

I am excited to share with you that there are two new Olay products being released in July, specifically formulated to protect skin from the sun.  These are two skin care products you'll want to keep handy this summer as the temperatures heat up.

Olay with advanced SolaSheer technology combines SPF with Vitamin B3 with Glycerin.
SolaSheer is non-greasy, that keeps skin healthy and ageless. 

Olay Regenerist: Advanced anti-aging Micro sculpting cream with sunscreen
( broad spectrum SPF 30 )

This is a moisturizer that lifts and protects for younger looking skin.

  • Helps protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Hydrates to regenerate volume and shape across skin's surface
  • Instantly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes skin's appearance
  • And, firms skin over time
Olay Total Effects: Anti-Aging Moisturizing SPF 15

This is an anti-aging moisturizer, now with broad spectrum SPF. 

  • Visibly smoothes fine line and wrinkles
  • Evens the appearance of skin tone
  • Enhances brightness
  • Minimizes the look of pores
  • Visibly reduces age spots
  • Restores firm look
  • Replenishes moisture

Dr. Pon is a Toronto based dermatologist who is special consultant to Olay.
  We asked her to answer a few (Canada) specific questions and even broke a sun-myth or two while doing so. 

Myth: Canadians spend less time in the sun.
Fact: While sun’s damaging effects on the skin are widely known, data from the Public Health Agency of Canada reveals that Canadians are spending an increasing amount of time in the sun, despite its known risks. Everyone flocks outside during the first warm day, but these sun seekers are also accelerating the aging process of their skin. As confirmed by Olay’s Multi-Decade and Ethnicity Study done in collaboration with Professor Alexa Kimball at Harvard Medical School, the sun is the number one cause of external skin aging, causing the degenerating of elastic skin tissue-which leads to deep wrinkles.  

Myth: Sun damage to the skin is only a concern during the summer months.
Fact: Every season necessitates daily protection from incidental sun exposure – not just the warmer summer months. Most people underestimate the amount of sun exposure they get because it is often unintentional, especially in the winter. Your skin is like a memory bank – it remembers all your encounters with UV and adds them up. Even though sun damage is cumulative, it is never too late to start protecting your skin. Incorporating sunscreen into your daily routine is essential in protecting against sun damage.  

Myth: SPF 30 offers twice as much protection as SPF 15.
Fact: In fact, standard math principles don’t apply when it comes to SPF ratings. An SPF 15 blocks around 94 percent of harmful UV rays; an SPF 30 blocks around 97 per cent; and after that there is very little increase in UV protection. However, Dr. Pon recommends choosing higher end of protection and using an SPF 30 for daily use. This is also the recommendation of the Canadian Dermatology Association. 


I've used Olay as my go to skin care line often over the years. And, I have to say that  I am so excited about SolSheer Technology!   It simply gives me a piece of mind of sun protection without adding an extra step to my morning regime.  I already know that these products do a wonderful job of moisturizing and helping my skin stay youthful, but, now Olay has taken it up a notch to add in sun protection. 

Great products just got better!  Look for and give them a try, hitting store shelves this summer. 

Summer Giveaway:  Canadians, please use the form provided to enter to win an Olay Gift Pack valued at $165.  (this is a quick giveaway, so enter today)