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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Learn How Dogs Can Suffer With Seasonal Allergies & Enter to Win a Gift Card! #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

In our little rural town, our veterinary office takes special care of both large and small animals.  I've always been impressed with the compassion and love shown to both my dog and cat when visiting the vet's office.  Our vet is a man who cares deeply for animals and only wants the best for them and their family's.  This is why, I often turn to our vet when I have questions or concerns and never feel like any concern is too small. 

This spring, if I suspect my dog, Roxy, is suffer with canine seasonal allergies, I will turn to my vet, Larry for advice on how to deal with the issue. 

I must admit, that canine seasonal allergies wasn't even on my radar of concerns.  I don't think that I've given much thought to the possibility of my dog suffering with allergies, or that her allergies are completely different from those which we might suffer with.  While my dog may be allergic to many of the same things as their human counterpart, ( mold, dust mites, tree, grass & weed pollens, and the saliva from insect bites) they present quite differently then we do.

Know the Signs of Canine Allergies

Remember this when wondering if your dog has seasonal allergies: ESP- Ears, Skin, Paws.  The most tell-tale sign is your dog will be itching and scratching.  She won't like having her ears handled, she may be scratching a lot, and be chewing on her paws.

Sneezing is not a sign of allergies in dogs, as it is in humans.  This is a common misconception, and one which I admit to.

Nutrition is Key, Ask Your Vet

Royal Canin Canada is the leading research-based pet food manufacturer and supplier.

My vet's office (and yours) can provide you with a whole line of Royal Canin foods not available at retailers.  Just ask your vet to help you find the food that is right for your dog.   One of the specialty foods you can ask for is a dermatology food that can be used to combat seasonal canine allergies!

So, this spring, don't hesitate to visit your vet's office if you suspect your pup has a case of seasonal  allergies.  They will be able to diagnose, and help your four legged friend get through the season with minimal discomfort and upset. 

Enter to Win with Royal Canin

We welcome Canadians to use the form provided to enter to win a $100 Visa Gift Card Prize!

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Reviews are In: Thoughts on Skintimate Shave Gel

A couple of weeks back, we offered our readers the opportunity to try out Skintimate Shave Gel and then after we invited them to share their thoughts with us.

One lucky reviewer will be winning a $100 gift card for their participation!

But, first we are eager to hear what the reviewers had to say.  (Thank you to all who took the time to send over their reviews.)

1.  {Amy} This shave gel was a pleasure to use!  It comes out of the can as an opaque pink gel and then turns into a white foam when it is rubbed in.  Compared to other shave gels I have used, I found this product much creamier, thicker and richer.  I usually use soap for shaving and sometimes it can cause razor irritation.  With this skin therapy shave gel, my razor glided right over my skin with no drag or irritation.  My legs were left soft, smooth and perfectly moisturized.  I didn't even feel the need to apply moisturizer to my legs.  Overall, I really liked this shave gel and will continue to use it for my shaving needs.
2. {Judy}  I recently had the opportunity to review Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil.  This opportunity arrived just in time to give my legs some TLC for the nice weather.     The first thing I noticed was that it had a really nice scent.  I used it along with a regular disposable razor and it really worked great.  It provided a nice smooth shave with no nicks.  I found that a small amount of the gel went a long way.  My legs were very dry before and after shaving I found that they were moisturized.  I was very impressed with this shave gel and will be buying it!
3.  {Maria}  I liked the Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil. A few of the cons were that it didn't lather as much as my usual shave gel and i also got a few nicks. It is better than Skintimate shave gels i have tried in the past. I liked the light scent and the color of the gel and bottle.
4.  {Cheryl}  When I received my Skintimate Skin Therapy shaving gel I was pleasantly pleased with the package, it had a very nice design and highlighted the Moroccan Oil and that its lotionized with vitamin E. When I was ready to use the shaving cream I squeezed a small amount into my hand and a luscious pink mound of shaving cream came out, the smell is amazing, I worked it onto my legs and it was a nice creamy lather, the smell seemed to get better as it was smoothed onto my legs. After shaving my legs and even days later, my legs felt silky smooth, I had no irritation and my legs felt hydrated and not dried out at all. I love the way it makes my legs feel while I am shaving and after I am done, I love the smell and I love the hydration I get from the Moroccan oil. I am so pleased with this product, thanks for letting me try this product. 
5.  {Brenda}  I received the Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil to try out, and I am loving it.  It foams up into a thick, rich lather.  A little goes a very long way.  My razor would easily glide over my skin and I was left with no dryness, bumps, or irritation.  My legs were left feeling silky smooth.  I really like the scent of the gel too, not too strong but it leaves a nice scent behind. I would recommend it and will be purchasing more!
6.  {Belinda}   Armed with a new shaver and the Skintimate Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil....and 10 minutes of me time I tested this new product.
I suffer from dry skin and I find that many gels and creams cause my skin to be sensitive and flaky. Not the case with this product.
I have used it three times now and love it! It lathered up all nice and thick and resulted in a nice close shave. 
My skin feels super soft, silky, smooth and did not zap the moisture from the areas I shaved. I totally recommend this product and thank you  for the chance to review it.
7.   {Jonnie}  I love everything about this shave gel! It smells really fresh and feminine, it lathers up so well you only need to use a small amount, it allows the razor to glide smoothly with no irritation and it rinses of really easily with no residue left behind. What really makes it exceptional is how well it moisturizes. My legs are always silky smooth now! 
8.  {Karla} I received the Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil to review free of charge from Country Mouse City Mouse. . I have shaved my legs with it a few times now,and love it! I have always loved Skintimate products,so this was no surprise. The smell of it is really nice,but not too overwhelming at all. It made my legs feel so soft, smooth and moisturized afterwards. It lathers up nicely as well,you don`t need to use a whole lot. I definitely would buy this!
9.  {Andrea} Thank you so much for the opportunity to test the new Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil.
I have used Skintimate Shave Gel in the past and am always thrilled with the quality of the shave gel, and the Moroccan Oil was no exception. I liked the soft understated scent that is great for people like me who have sensitive/allergic skin, and I love how I only needed about a nickel sized amount of product to cover my entire leg. The Shave Gel was rich, and allowed a nice clean, close shave with no nicks or cuts, and my legs felt smooth, soft and not at all dry afterwards.
I have already added the Skintimate Shave Gel to my next toiletry shopping list, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Shave Gel that will not dry out their skin!
10.  {Melissa} So far, I love the shave gel with Moroccan oil! It smells amazing and is so light and creamy! And after shaving my legs feel so soft! While I still apply moisturizer as a habit, I can already feel the difference in my legs after shaving and before applying cream. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try this great shaving gel!
11.  {Melinda} Skintimate has another hit on their hands. Not only does the shaving gel smell amazing, mmmm moroccan oil, but it is so easy to work with. Just apply to the area to be shaved, see how quickly the gel foams up, bring out the razor and away you go. The shaving gel left my legs smooth when I was shaving it and left it hydrated and oh so soft for hours afterwards. How refreshing is that? :)

12.  {Steph}  My legs are so smoothe thanks to Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil!
Before receiving this sample I just dreaded shaving my legs! I dreaded it so much so I barely shaved my legs during the winter (scary!). After using this sample it changed my thoughts about shaving drastically. My skin on my legs stopped cracking, I had no more razor burn and my legs had a beautiful shine after my shower. Not to mention the smell is amazing! I will definitely be buying this in the future and I will recommend it to all my friends! So glad I received the opportunity to try this product.
13. {Marie}  I had an opportunity to review Skintimate “Skin Therapy” Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil for free.  I have tried many versions of Skintimate Shaving cream in the past and quite enjoyed them.   I really enjoyed using this product compared to their other shave gels.  The texture is thicker which gave a good thick lather on my legs.  This means less applications and more shaving cream.  It also means its hydrating my legs which is super smooth.  I don’t really care for the smell though.  I would use this product again.
14.  {Victoria}  The Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil is my new favourite shaving gel! It left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized after shaving, and the scent was very pleasant and relaxing.  The gel has a thicker consistency than most shaving gels, which made for easy application in the shower, as it didn't run off my skin when wet as other shaving gels tend to do.  I will definitely be purchasing this again!
15.  {Heidi}  I had the wonderful opportunity to test the Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin Shave Gel with Moroccan Oil. I have to say that I found this product to be excellent! Unlike other shave gels that I have tried, this one dispensed just the right amount of gel with one squeeze of the applicator. The gel went on smoothly and stayed on the entire time that I was shaving. The scent was light and pretty; not overwhelming like many other shave products. I used the gel with my razor and did not experience any nicks or cuts. The shaving process was very easy; I did not need to go over different areas repeatedly. The remaining shave gel rinsed off nicely, leaving me with very smooth legs, underarm areas and bikini lines. I normally have to apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream after I shave but found that I did not need to do this. I was quite impressed with this product and will definitely be purchasing it in the future. Thanks for the chance to try it out! I highly recommend it. 
16.  {Meaghan}Thank you for the opportunity to review the Skintimate Skin therapy shave gel with Moroccan oil.  I am absolutely in love with it, it is rich and creamy and honestly moisturizers my dry skin. That says a lot as I have terrible eczema. On top that I usually have to shave my legs daily, with this shave gel I got a close enough shave that I was able to go 4 days without reshaving! Simply Amazing. Now I was cautious as it does have a fragrance to it and I have highly sensitive skin and many allergies; however with multiple usage still no irritation! It is a win in my books and will be my go to shave gel from now on.
As, you can see, I've numbered the reviews in the order I received them.  Using Random Number Generator (Random.Org) : Lucky #1 was chosen as the winner, who is Amy.  Amy - I hope you enjoy shopping for some cute new summer clothing with your gift card win! 
Thank you, again to all who participated!  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Win a Jergens Gift Basket in Celebration of Stars on Ice 25th Anniversary! #JergenStarsOnIce

It’s the 25th Anniversary Tour of Investors Group Stars on Ice presented by Lindt and Jergens® Canada wants to send you to celebrate with Canada’s most beloved skaters!
I remember attending a Stars on Ice production when I was a fairly young child and being wowed by the amazing skater's skills.  It was an experience which I've never forgotten and hope to one day be able to take my own children to a performance.  

NOW, right across Canada, friends and family have the opportunity to take in the 25th Anniversary Tour, which features many of our beloved figure skating heroes which we as Canadians love!   In this very special edition of Stars on Ice, Kurt Browning stars and is also the director and choreographer!  Look for fan favourites performing, such as, Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir, Joannie Rochette and Patrick Chan.

Shows have already taken place in Halifax and Ottawa.  Yet, so many have not yet taken place.  Check below if Stars on Ice is stopping at a locale near you.

Montreal, QC {May 6}
Toronto, ON, {May 8}
Hamilton, ON, {May 9}
London, ON, {May 10}
Winnipeg, MB, {May 13}
Regina, SK, {May 15}
Edmonton, AB, {May 16}
Calgary, AB, {May 17}
Victoria, BC {May 19}
Vancouver, BC {May 21} 

Visit www.starsonice.ca to get all the details, and ticket information.

Jergens is celebrating Stars on Ice with a gift basket giveaway! Celebrate the past, present and future of Stars on Ice.  This lovely Jergens gift basket is full of great products (new & old) that will help prepare our winter-weary skin for the sunshine.  

Canadians, please use the form provided to enter to win a Jergens gift basket, and enjoy the show!