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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Got Hair? Be Summer Ready with Vidal Sassoon & Gillette Venus: Giveaway #InASnap #GoodbyeFlyaways #PGMom

Hair it's an issue for the ladies, especially in the summer.

My hair is naturally curly and loves to drive me crazy during the summer months.  It can start out looking okay first thing in the morning, but by noon it is a mop of frizz.  My teenaged daughter often says to me that my hair is atrocious....and often on days that I thought were "good" hair days.

Vidal Sassoon comes to my rescue.  I love Vidal Sassoon for colouring, shampooing and conditioning - I've embraced Vidal Sassoon and its given me a reason to love my summertime hair.

 There is a solution to keep those tresses under control. When there’s just no avoiding humidity, embrace your natural wave with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Enhancer Spray ($4.99*) and Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Crème Pomade ($4.99*). The 7-in-1 wave enhancer spray allows for maximum styling so you can achieve that tousled, beach hair look with ease! After a quick spray, just apply the crème pomade for genius curl control, leaving hair soft, touchable and beautifully defined for up to 24 hours.

Gillette Venus Snap is perfect for on the go this summer.  You know - when you discover that one long freaky hair behind your knee, when you are about to hit the beach?

The Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace is the first mini razor of its kind in Canada. It comes ready to travel with a convenient, portable compact case and a Venus Embrace blade cartridge. The easy-to-grip mini handle fits into any Venus blade cartridge, allowing you to choose your perfect match blades or switch it up with something seasonal such as Gillette Venus Spa Breeze cartridges with scented shaving gel bars. Throw it in your purse or gym bag, and don’t forget to pack it in your suitcase for family vacations. There’s no need for shave gel, just a splash of water guarantees that instantly smooth skin is a quick shave away.
These products are summer-time lifesavers.   If you have curly or wavy hair you must check out Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves hair products: A-mazing!   The little Gillette Venus Snap razor is absolutely adorable and so great for packing while traveling this summer.

You'll love these products too!  Here's a chance to enter to win a Say Goodbye to "oh no" hair moments prize pack.

  • Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace – $13.99*
  • Gillette Venus Spa Breeze cartridges – $21.99*
  • Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Enhancer Spray – $4.99*
  • Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Crème Pomade – $4.99*
*pricing at the discretion of the retailer. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

LOOK: New Hexbugs Transformers

The Hexbug craze continues - with new Hexbugs Transformers!

The HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS are the perfect addition to the toy collection of any HEXBUG or Transformers fan.
Kids can collect all eight HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS toys and customize their armour and weapons to create the ultimate battling bot! The physics of vibration propels the Warriors forward on their own and intelligent battle sensors register any damage taken during the fight.
Being big fans of Hexbugs, having the opportunity to take an up-close look at a new Transformer Hexbug, and it is pretty darn exciting for my kids.  These little robotic toys pack a big entertainment punch for small kids and big kids, alike.  They still buzz and propel themselves forward, but now they've kicked up the wow factor.  If you love Hexbugs and if you love Transformers - be sure to check out these cool little guys.

New Hexbugs Transformers retail for approximately $10.00 each, and may be purchased by visiting Hexbug.com.  Stay connected with Hexbugs and all the excitement going on by following on twitter and on facebook.

Disclaimer:  This post is based upon a sample which we received.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Visit to Parkbridge Resort: Our Ponderosa #Glamping #GlampingStyle

For the last two years, I've wanted to borrow my father-in-law's trailer and take our children camping at a campground.

In my teenaged years, I worked at a small local campground facility and remembered how fun it was for families.  I wanted my children to have the opportunity to experience what a campground had to offer.  But,  there were a couple of factors which were holding us back.  The biggest being the logistics of borrowing the trailer and getting it to a campground.  Also, I am just not a camper.    With my back injury, I would never consider sleeping anywhere but a bed, not to mention a person with IBD knows that camping really isn't ideal.

And, then....

a few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit Our Ponderosa, which is a Parkbridge Resort.  

Our Ponderosa is located minutes from Ipperwash Beach on Lake Huron, Ontario.   Our Ponderosa is a cottage and RV resort, which also happens to have a golf course at the rear.  It includes seasonal, transient and rental sites.  We enjoyed a stay in a fully furnished rental cottage.  With a rental unit there was no set up or tear down required, we enjoyed indoor plumbing and all the conveniences of home.

We enjoyed all the park had to offer in absolute comfort. 

My ten year old son kept saying to me that what we were doing wasn't camping.  He's a boy scout, what he does as a scout is camping, what we were doing was Glamping.

Our rental unit was fully furnished, including everything needed in the kitchen.  Basically, all we needed to bring with us was bedding, towels and food.  The unit is equipped with a furnace and air conditioning for optimal comfort.  The cottage was spacious and impeccable.

There was a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a second bedroom with bunk beds, a living room, a kitchen (with a gas stove and fridge with a freezer) and a washroom with a shower.  The sofa in the living room pulled out to a sleeper.  Outside, we had a deck, a patio set, a propane barbeque and a fire pit for a campfire.   We were blown away with our unit - it was modern, and comfortable.  

Our Ponderosa is for families

Our family had an absolutely fabulous time at Our Ponderosa!

Our Ponderosa is very family friendly.  There were planned activities for the children, such as bingo and Charlie Choo Choo - a train ride which takes adults and kids around the park.  There is a kids only pool with an awesome water slide,  playgrounds, splash pad, mini golf, and open green spaces.   There was also adult activities - horseshoes, and adult only dance.  Upon entering the park we were given a full season calendar of events, and could see that there is a summer full of fun awaiting.  When exploring the park we found laundry facilities (which I would love if we were staying for an extended visit.)  There is loads of room to roam and enjoy the outdoors.

Our Ponderosa is a safe and secure place to visit.  It has a gated entrance and the speed limit is strictly enforced, making it safe for children to play and ride their bikes.  We had no apprehensions about our kids running across the driveway to the playground or riding the train on their own.  Children under 12 required supervision at the pool and splash pad, though there were lifeguards on duty at the pool. 

We were very impressed with how Our Ponderosa is managed.  The resort manager was present and in-sight our entire weekend.  The resort was clean and well attended to.  We saw housekeeping attending to the public washrooms and maintenance keeping the grounds neat and tidy.  In the evening we saw security that patrolled the park, to ensure that everyone was able to have an enjoyable time.

Our family loved our time at Our Ponderosa!  We've already discussed when we'll make a return visit. It is close to Lake Huron, and if we had extra time, we would make a trip up to the beach.  For this visit, though, there was so much to see and do that we were happy to just spend our time within the park.

The Details
  • Our Ponderosa is located at 9338 W. Ipperwash Road, Ontario.  Phone: 519-786-2031.
  • The resort manager is Nancy, who we found to be excellent.
  • The unit we stayed at was a new resort cottage (P2).  The rental rate is $166.00 per night.  It was smoke and pet free, and has a two night minimum stay.   
  • The price of the rental includes: electricity, water, sewer, propane and barbeque.
  • These units are popular and must be booked well in advance.    
  • These units may be purchased starting at $57 900 + HST. 
  • Our Ponderosa is a Parkbridge community.
Thank you so much to Nancy for hosting us at Our Ponderosa.  Our experience was amazing - we certainly didn't want to leave.  This is my kind of camping glamping! 

Please visit my album on my facebook page with more park photos.  

What is a Parkbridge Community? 

Vacationing at a Parkbridge Community, such as Our Ponderosa is a great and affordable alternative to cottaging.  Owning your own cottage is expensive, as taxes on the lakefronts are going sky-high, making it impossible for families to keep both a home and summer place.  With Parkbridge, you own the home (cottage) or RV, but you lease the land it is sitting on.  Parkbridge manages the property (which I witnessed first hand) and you enjoy a sense of community and security.  

There are three main benefits of a land lease within a Parkbridge Community. 
  • Pride of Ownership
  • Sense of Community
  • Parkbridge is your Partner 
Find available cottage and RV resorts by visiting: Parkbridge.  

Parkbridge is social:


Disclaimer:  My family was hosted for the weekend at Our Ponderosa.  These are our opinions based on our time spent at the resort.