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Friday, December 23, 2016

Wrapping up the Holidays with Hallmark

The countdown is on!  Now that we are only a few days before Christmas, how are you feeling about the impending holidays?  If you are like me, you may have some gifts to still purchase, or gifts to wrap and put under the tree.  If so, don't waste your time running store to store or to an overwhelming big box store - just head straight to your local and friendly Hallmark store.

Your Hallmark store has everything you need to wrap up the holidays.

Gifts galore in store!  A gift from Hallmark is sure to please, even for those hard-to-buy-for people that you might have on your gift-giving list.  From warm and cozy throws, to a thoughtful Christmas tree ornament, everything is lovely and at price points that aren't going to break your bank account.

Or, maybe you are still thinking of putting pen to paper and write out Christmas cards to neighbours, family and friends.  Hallmark has beautiful boxed cards and individual holiday greeting cards.  Just add your own sentiment and the recipient will know that they are thought of with love this Christmas season.

Don't forget the gift wrap while you are in store and you'll find the holidays are all wrapped up - all thanks to Hallmark! 

Holiday Giveaway for you!   Our friends at Hallmark are offering to give a reader a beautiful Heritage Ornament.  This ornamanet will become a keepsake and something you will proudly display in your home year after year. (Canada)

Heritage Collection ornaments are made in Poland in the age-old European tradition. It is entirely made and painted by hand and was mouth-blown by dedicated, skilled artisans.

Discover more about the craftand inspiration behind the piece at Hallmark.com/Heritage

Merry Christmas! Happy Holdiays!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Feel Your Best Throughout The Holidays With Psyllium Fibre

Even though I am not even a little bit prepared for the holidays, I see daily reminders that they are quickly approaching.  Just this past weekend, my husband and I had a wonderful night out at his company's Christmas party.  It was held at an Inn with gorgeous d├ęcor and excellent food.  The food might of been so excellent that I may of gone back for a second portion. 

I know I am not alone partaking in some holiday overindulging, and that (overindulging) will likely happen quite often over the coming weeks.  And, it's all going to be okay, I see no problem in treating yourself this time of year.  We have a few tips from The Heart and Stroke Foundation to share that will keep you feeling your best right through holiday festivities and into the new year.

Enjoy a healthy diet.  It's time to seriously take note of what we are putting into our mouths.   Eat less processed food and choose from a variety of food.  Load up your plate at least half with fruit and veggies, by doing this, it helps to lower your cholesterol and boost your fibre intake.

Cook and eat more meals at home.  It sounds like a no-brainer, but, for a lot of families this is easier said then done with our busy lifestyles,and especially around the holidays.   However, cooking at home allows you to be more in control of what you are putting into your mouth. Check out a heart healthy cookbook from your local library, or find delicious recipes to try at The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Eating out is a special occasion. Usually eating out results in consuming more food (salt, sugar and fat than you normally would). Save your eating out for special occasions only (like the company Christmas party). When you do eat out pick a restaurant that serves freshly made items, and one that offers nutritional information.

Strive to reach a healthy weight and maintain it. By keeping at a healthy weight you are doing yourself a world of good by reducing your blood cholesterol levels.  You'll look and feel better, too.

One more thing you can do for yourself is to add Psyllium fibre into your daily routine.  Psyllium fibre offers many health benefits as it passes through your digestive track. It's work is pretty impressive - psyllium fibre helps to remove cholesterol, toxins, and waste from the body. It also helps to lower cholesterol and promote heart health.

Bonus: Psyllium fibre is easily accessible in Metamucil powder.  Canadians can improve their overall health simply by starting each day with psyllium fibre!

Disclaimer:  I am sharing this post with my honest thoughts and opinions and will receive special perks for my participation.  Please see your physician for any health concerns you may have. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Family Getaway to Melody Bay Resort: Where Memories Are Made

I sincerely hope that every family has that one special place, where they can carve out some time each year for a family getaway.  A place which is safe - where your children can roam and explore and you never give a second thought.  A place which is one with nature - where you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.  A place which is comfortable and cozy - where you think of in your mind's eye when life seems to knock you down. 

Our such place is a Parkbridge Resort called Melody Bay.    Melody Bay is situated on Upper Buckhorn Lake in the serenity of the Kawarthas, part of the Trent Severn Waterway (Ontario).  It is a place of peace and where my family enjoys, just being together.

Melody Bay has Beautiful Amenities

Melody Bay offers cottagers an extended season from April right through November.  Our family spent a few lovely days during mid September.  While it is definitely a quiet time of year, there are lots of benefits to visiting in the off season.  Melody Bay has two heated pools, this time of year they have closed the adult's only pool and put all their resources into the larger pool for everyone's enjoyment.  We spent as much time as possible in the beautiful pool. 

The kids enjoyed spending time in the kids clubhouse, where they were able to connect their devices to Wi-Fi.  The kids clubhouse also had a lounge area and lots of room to play and connect with other children at the resort.

We also enjoyed the (adult) lounge where we could connect to Wi-Fi too, watch television, and have a conversation.  There is a lovely deck overlooking the lake right off the lounge, which provides a great view of the beach, and dock area. 

Melody Bay has Cozy Accommodations

While most people visiting Melody Bay are seasonal cottage owners, there are also a couple of units which are available to be rented out.  These cottage units are fully equipped, impeccably clean and so very cozy.  It rained for an entire day during our stay and we never once felt confined indoors.  The cottage has lots of natural light and we actually enjoyed watching the rain fall from the sky, while we were nestled inside. 

The unit has air conditioning or a furnace depending on your needs at the moment.  There is a covered patio area that includes an outdoor table, and chairs and a barbeque right on the deck.  We enjoyed meals on the deck and it gave us the opportunity to chat with other cottagers passing by. 

Each unit also has a fire pit to use.

Melody Bay is set amongst Serenity

If you are familiar with the Buckhorn area of Ontario, you'll already know that Melody Bay is situated in one of the prettiest and pristine areas within the province.  Buckhorn has a bakery, and a grocery store, and a pizza joint that we visited.  It is situated close to Peterborough if you are looking for a larger center, but really staying at Buckhorn has a certain charm.  There is so much natural beauty surrounding Melody Bay Resort.

With Melody Bay Resort being right on the lake, we enjoyed kayaking.  There is also a beach area to enjoy those long dog-days of summer.  The Buckhorn yatch club is minutes away from our resort and we were fortunate to have extended family that docks their lake cruiser there.  We enjoyed a lovely afternoon out boating throughout the Trent Severn waterway.

Visit Melody Bay

You can find out more about Melody Bay Resort by visiting here.  As well, as finding out about other Parkbridge resorts in the area, and why resort cottage ownership may be perfect for your family. 

Melody Bay is lovingly kept and the residents show pride of ownership.  Melody Bay Resort is our happy place - a place that feels like home, and where memories were made.

Parkbridge on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Thank you to Melody Bay Resort for welcoming our family and hosting us for a few nights recently.